It’s been just over a year since I joined Instagram (@liamweedall). I resisted initially as I didn’t really see the appeal of scrolling through pictures that people have posted of themselves and what they were doing. However, I was unaware of what a valuable tool it is for musicians seeking inspiration and education on their instrument, seeing as Instagram allows you to upload videos of up to 1 minute in length. As well as being a great platform for me to showcase my own drumming, I have found a wealth of inspirational content from a whole bunch of my favourite drummers and drummers that I was previously unaware of. Whether it’s live drum cam footage, play-throughs, or drummers explaining exercises and licks, there is definitely a lot of value to be derived from following drummers on Instagram.

Just going back to the point of posting your own videos for a moment, the use of hashtags means that people who don’t yet follow you can find your videos and potentially follow your page. Some standard drumming hashtags include #drums #drummer #drumcam #drumlife #drumstagram #drumuniversity #drumsdaily #drumcommunity #drumlessons. Say you’re posting something with #oddtime, #polyrhythms or #metricmodulation, you can use those hashtags so people can stumble upon your video. In addition to hashtags, you can also tag drumming pages in your post to give them the opportunity to share it on their page. Some of these pages include @drumsdaily, @insta_chop, @theworldofdrums, @drum.life, @drumsoutlet, and @percussionperfection.

One of my favourite drummers and Instagram posters Sebastian Lanser (Obscura, Panzerballet)

One of my favourite drummers and Instagram posters Sebastian Lanser (Obscura, Panzerballet)

In this post I’ve listed all my favourite drummers that actually post videos of themselves playing, rather than just photos of drums or what they’re doing on tour. My favourite drummers to follow are people like Sebastian Lanser, Anika Nilles and Elliott Hoffmann, who all post exercises along with notation or stickings. This means that you will always have something new to practise if you go back through these drummers’ feeds. I also get a kick of posting exercises for other drummers to try, which is what it’s all about – fostering a collaborative and helpful community of drummers supporting each other’s development.

I’ve broken the list up into drummers from Australia and the rest of the world. There are so many talented drummers here in Oz and I find it beneficial to see what the top Aussie drummers are doing as it gives an insight into how they stay in demand in the session and touring scenes.

As I love my metal, there is definitely an emphasis on metal in this list, but there are plenty of players on here that are far removed from heavy music. The drummers I admire the most are the guys that can play it all, like Sebastian Lanser, Travis Orbin, Marco Minneman, Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Matt Gartska, Sean Reinert, Morgan Agren, Yuma Van Eekelen (not on Instagram), Blake Richardson, Navene Koperweis and Danny Walker. There’s also a few awesome drummers on the list who are known for the ‘gospel chops’ style of playing which I love – check out Eric Moore, Tony Royster Jnr and Aaron Spears to name a few.

I’ll start with 5 of my favourite ‘big name’ drummers who require no description. If you don’t know of any of these guys, you’ve got a lot of youtubing to do!

Virgil Donati @thevirgildonati

Thomas Lang @thomaslangdrum

Marco Minneman @marcominneman

Vinnie Coliauta @vinniecolaiuta

Dave Weckl @officialdaveweckl

(The last 3 don’t really post many videos to Instagram, but are still worth following!)

The King - Virgil Donati - no one has taken drumming further in my opinion!

The King - Virgil Donati - no one has taken drumming further in my opinion!

Now, for the drummers that you may not have heard of:

Sebastian Lanser @sebastian_lanser (Obscura, Panzerballet)

Anika Nilles @anika.nilles (Solo, clinician)

Elliott Hoffmann @ehdrummerist (Carbomb)

Travis Orbin @travisorbin (Solo, Darkest Hour) – His solo stuff is super unique and challenging!

Matt Gartska @mattgartska (Animals as Leaders)

Alex Rudinger @alexrudinger (ex-The Faceless, session)

Danny Walker @dwalkerdrummer (Intronaut, session)

Charlie Engen @charlieengen (Scale the Summit, session, teacher)

Sean Reinert @seanreinert (ex-Cynic, composer)

James Stewart @james.stewart.vader (Vader)

Morgan Agren @morganagren (Mats/Morgan, Frederik Thordenal’s Special Defects)

Mark Guiliana @markguiliana (Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet, session incl. David Bowie))

Craig Blundell @craigblundelldrums (Steven Wilson, session)

Tony Royster Junior @tonyroysterjr (session incl. Jay Z, Katy Perry)

Eric Moore @ericmoore_ii (T.R.A.M., Suicidal Tendencies, session)

Aaron Spears @aspears (Usher, clinician)

Chris Coleman @crc_global (Clinician, Beck, Prince, Chaka Khan)

Dre Energy @dreenergy (Cirque De Soleil, clinician)

Emmanuelle Caplette @emmanuellecaplette (session, clinician)

Gergo Borlai @gergoborlai (session, clinician)

Navene Koperweis @navenekoperweis (Entheos, Solo, ex-Animals as Leaders)

Blake Richardson @blakeyeatsteaky (Between the Buried and Me)

Dave Elitch @daveelitch (Justin Timberlake, The Mars Volta, Killer be Killed etc.)

Kevin Paradis @kevin_paradis_drumming (death metal session drummer)

Marco Pitruzzella @lordmarc0 (Six Feet Under, Brain Drill, probably the fastest drummer out there)

Eloy Casagrande @eloycasagrande (Sepultura)

George Kollias @georgekolliasofficial (Nile, Solo, Clinician)

Ryan Van Poederooyen @ryanvanpoederooyen (Devin Townsend Project)

Allan Cassidy @88o119725 (The Black Dahlia Murder)

Phil Dubois @philduboisdrums (ex-Revocation, Cannibal Corpse drum-tech)

Samuel Santiago @s_a_m_s_a_n_t_i_a_g_o (First Fragment, Gorod)

Steve Such @stevesuchdrums (session, transcriber of Vinnie (Coliauta) licks!)

Wilfred Ho @wilfredhok (session, teacher, youtube drum covers)

Stan Bicknell - A Melbourne based drummer who has experienced rapid growth in popularity through Instagram

Stan Bicknell - A Melbourne based drummer who has experienced rapid growth in popularity through Instagram

Now for the Aussie drummers:

Pete Drummond @petedrummond (session, Dragon, Thirsty Merc, independence master)

Andy Gander @andygandermusic (Andy Gander Quartert, session, PhD)

Dave Goodman @davegoodmanmusic (Dave Goodman Quartet, session, PhD)

Johnny Salerno @saltydrums (session, Jon Stevens, Suzi Quatro)

Terepai Richmond @thepaiman (session, DIG, The Whitlams, Missy Higgins)

Ben Todd @bentodd (Cirque Du Soleil, clinician) 

Jackie Barnes @iamjackiebarnes (Jimmy Barnes, The Lachey Doley Group)

Stan Bicknell @stanbicknell (insta drummer, ex-Kimbra, ex-session)

Stevie Cat Junior @steviecatjnr (Kimbra, RnBeast)

Dan Presland @dan_presland (Ne Obliviscaris, session)

Rob Brens  @rob_brens (Hadal Maw, I Built the Sky + more)

Steve Judd @stevejudd23 (Karnivool & The Veronicas)

Benjamin Shannon @benjaminshannondrums (way too many bands to mention, teacher)

Shane ‘Russ’ Russell @rustyninja79 (Twelve Foot Ninja)

Anthony Stanislavski @luvskidrums (session, teacher)

Josh Griffin @joshgriffindrums (Caligula’s Horse)

Troy Wright @troywrightdrums (Plini, drum teacher and youtube cover sensation)

Robin Stone @frogmagus (Norse, death metal session drummer)

Jake Sproule @roodymence (Whoretopsy, Truth Corroded)

Dom Simpson @domsimpsondrums (Darker Half, session)

Luke Williams @luke.williams.drummer (Dead Letter Circus, teacher)

Jack Thomson @jackthomsonondrums (session)

Nick Bukey @nickbukeydrums (online drum lessons, session)

Darran Muller @darrandrummer (session)

Steve Pope @stevenpope (session)


Thanks for checking out this post – I’m sure I’ve missed a whole bunch of great drummers that deserve to be on this list (feel free to suggest some in the comments), but hopefully I’ve inspired you to check out some new players and get posting!


The 'Good Grief' tour kicks off this weekend with the Progfest shows in Sydney and Melbourne headlined by Leprous (NOR) and Voyager. We'll be playing a couple of new songs which will be on our upcoming album due out mid-late 2018. One of these tracks is a 10 minute epic titled 'Good Grief', and I'll tell you what, getting this song down has caused us a lot of grief! But that's the nature of prog I suppose! :) 

I'll also be playing with Ivanyi at the Sydney Progfest and we will be supporting Ne Obliviscaris at the Manning Bar in Sydney on the 16th of Feb. Bring it on! 

Dyssidia Jan-Feb tour poster.jpg


I'm pleased announce that I'm now endorsing Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware and Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals!! I've been playing Gretsch/Gibraltar for the past 12 years and have upgraded from the Catalina line which served me so well to the awesome Renown Maple kit! Damn, this kit sounds good! My new cymbals are sounding beautiful as well, displaying some great versatility for the many genres of music that I play. 

I'm honoured to be part of the same drumming family as greats like Tony Williams, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Morgan Agren, Stanton Moore and Mark Schulman. 

I'm also excited to be playing the same brand of cymbals as drummers such as Horacio Hernandez, Carmine and Vinny Appice, as well as my fellow Aussie metal drummers Jake Sproule and Lee Stanton. 

Check out pics of my new drums and cymbals below: 


Not pictured is my 8 inch tom, which I may just use in the studio. I've had three rack toms for a long time so I'm probably going to see how I go with just two rack toms for the near future at least for live situations. Also not pictured is my cymbal stack, which I still need to figure out. 

I'll be filming some high quality drum videos towards the end of the year with the kit fully mic'd up, so stay tuned! Most of these will be tutorial videos where I'll be going through some concepts which I have found to really helpful in my playing. 


A big thanks to Simon at Pro Music Australia, Con at Derringers Drum Shop and Christian at Dynamic Music for getting me on board with some fantastic companies! 



Progfest 2018 shows with Dyssidia and Ivanyi

Good news for fans of prog on the east coast of Oz! This year Progfest will be expanding from Melbourne to incorporate Sydney and Brisbane, with Leprous from Norway headlining!

Dyssidia played Progfest last year in Melbourne and man did it go off! We are stoked to be playing all three shows and I’ll also be playing the Sydney show with James Norbert Ivanyi.

Keep an eye out for Dyssidia shows in Perth and Adelaide to be announced soon as well.

Dyssidia have been working hard on our upcoming album and I’ll be heading into the studio around Christmas time to track some demos. The difficulty level has really gone way up with these new songs, with some super challenging odd time rhythms, polyrhythms and drawn out song structures providing plenty of anxiety for us as we attempt to play and refine the material!

Before we play the Progfest shows, we’ll also be supporting Paradise Lost (UK) at The Gov in Adelaide on December 17.


James Norbert Ivanyi & Dyssidia Tour wrap up

What a tour! It was hard work playing double sets for each show but well worth it. Couldn't have asked for a better bunch of guys to tour with :) 

Next up, Voros support Arcturus (NOR) in Adelaide on September 13, the Ivanyi band supports Haken (UK) at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on September 30, and Voros plays at the New Dead Festival on October 7 with Napalm Death & Lock Up (US) headlining. 

Crowd photos below: Dyssidia in Adelaide, JNI in Brisbane, Dyssidia in Melbourne, JNI in Sydney. 

I've also included a couple of photos from UK Tech Fest down below. 

Aaaand some drum cam footage from the Dyssidia set in Adelaide for good measure. 


Live drum cam from UK Tech Fest with James Norbert Ivanyi

A few weeks ago, I played at UK Tech Fest with the likes of Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, Northlane, Beyond Creation, Exivious, Panzerballet and many more. It was definitely an amazing experience! Here's some drum cam footage of one of the songs we played - keep watching until the drum solo at the end! 

Stay tuned for more footage from this show on my YouTube channel. I've also been uploading lots of drum videos to my Instagram page which I started a few months ago, so follow me on there: @liamweedall. 

Next up, we play Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne with my band Dyssidia! (see below post for details). 

National Tour with Dyssidia and James Norbert Ivanyi

This'll be fun! I'll be pulling double duty with Dyssidia and James Norbert Ivanyi playing shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in August.. James is releasing his new EP entitled 'Denalavis' on June 1st which is going to blow people's minds! Dyssidia will also be releasing the second video from our latest EP 'Of Delight and Despair'. 

Tickets ▸▸▸ wildthingpresents.com
FB Event ▸▸▸ found.ee/JNI

New drum cover & live drum cam footage with James Norbert Ivanyi

Hi All, I recently uploaded a cover that I've wanted to do for years now by one of my favourite bands Intronaut. In my opinion they display the perfect balance of technicality & emotion as well as heavy sludgy sections and melancholy lighter sections. Danny Walker is also one of those rare drummers that can grind it up with bands like Exhumed and Murder Construct, then also demonstrate a vast facility of jazz/latin/fusion chops when playing progressive metal with Intronaut.

I filmed this with one camera so you know it was done in one take (definitely do not recommend for a 6+ minute prog track!) 

Here's a drum cam of one of the songs from the recent Adelaide show with James Norbert Ivanyi. I'll be uploading more songs to my youtube channel soon. This track features a lot of linear drumming in both a funk and metal setting. There's some cool paradiddle action in here as well. The next time I play with James and his band made up of Liam Horgan and Stephen Taranto, will be in England for UK Tech Fest in July!

UK Tech-Fest with James Norbert Ivanyi

Here's some pretty big news that was announced a few weeks back - I'll be heading to England in July with guitarist James Ivanyi and bass player Liam Horgan to play alongside some of my favourite bands at UK Tech-Fest! We'll be doing some other shows  around UK and possibly even Europe, so stay tuned in the next couple of months. 

This line-up is without a doubt one of the best I have ever seen when it comes to technical and progressive metal bands, and to be the only Australian act on the bill is quite an honour! Some highlights of this line-up for me are The Faceless, Obscura, Beyond Creation, Exivious, The Black dahlia Murder, Panzerballet and Aborted. To say that I can't wait is an understatement!

Los Cabos Drumsticks Endorsement, Shows with Alarum + more

Some very exciting news to announce - I am now endorsing Los Cabos drumsticks! I'm stoked to be joining a whole bunch of amazing drummers on their artist roster, including one of my favourite drummers Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth), plus some of the best drummers in Australian metal such as Dave Haley, Rob Brens, Henri Sison and Jake Sproule. Los Cabos are a Canadian company that pride themselves on producing the best quality sticks. I'm currently using their 5a wood tip hickory sticks which have a great weight and feel; a bit thicker than a standard 5a. Check them out here


In other news, I recently played shows at festivals in Bendigo and Adelaide with one of my favourite bands Alarum from Melbourne! I consider Alarum to be the most influential Australian progressive metal band, having been around since the mid 90's, and I've been a big fan of these guys for the past decade so I was pretty excited to get this opportunity. They are one of the few bands known for integrating jazz fusion into thrash/death metal, which is right up my alley! Here's some footage from the Adelaide show on the 4th of Feb. Mind the guitar tone at the start!


Some big shows coming up up with my bands Dyssidia & Voros as well as an Adelaide show with James Norbert Ivanyi. The posters aren't uploading for some reason (apart from the one below) so I'll just list them here:

Feb 25: Voros at Enigma Bar in Adelaide for the Hadal Maw album launch

March 6: Dyssidia at The Workers Club in Melbourne supporting Fallujah (US)

March 24: James Norbert Ivanyi at Enigma Bar in Adelaide with I Built the Sky (Melb)

April 7: Voros at The Tote in Melbourne with the Hazard Circular and more

April 13: Voros at Enigma Bar in Adelaide with Claim the Throne and more

April 15: Voros at Blacken Open Air Festival in Alice Springs (!)

More to be announced soon.

New Dyssidia EP and National Tour with Caligula's Horse

Howdy all! Dyssidia released our third EP 'Of Delight and Despair' last Friday the 4th of November which we celebrated by playing the first show of our tour in Brisbane with the mighty Caligula's Horse! Listen/buy the EP here. We also released a music video for the track 'An Absolute Severance' which was filmed/directed/edited etc by the very talented Adrian Goleby (see below). This weekend we play Perth and Adelaide also with C-Horse, then Sydney with Perth veterans Chaos Divine, followed by Progfest in Melbourne with both of the aforementioned bands plus many more of the best prog bands Australia has to offer!

Following these shows, I'll be heading up to Sydney to play with instrumental prog metal guitarist James Norbert Ivanyi and his band, this time supporting Swedish legends Katatonia!

Then the night after on the 9th of December it's back to Adelaide to support Katatonia with Dyssidia! 

Voros Asian tour, show with James Norbert Ivanyi, Double Dragon reunion etc

Greetings, see below for some photos and footage from the recent Voros tour in Taiwan and China. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to go back! Check out the Voros Facebook page for more photos and footage. *Click the below photo to go to the next photo in the gallery. 

I’m happy to announce that I will be playing with Sydney based progressive metal guitarist James Norbert Ivanyi and his band on the 23rd of September in Sydney as part of the Circles Egression Tour. I’ve been a fan of James’ music for the past couple of years now so it’s great to be given the opportunity to tackle this very challenging music!


I’ve got some big shoes to fill with this gig, with Rob Brens (Alarum, Hadal Maw) having played the past live shows with James as well as the Melbourne leg of this tour. Drums on James’ three releases were recorded by David Horgan (Orobouros), whose drum parts display a mastery of metal drumming as well as more fusion-oriented playing.

Check out James' releases here.


Speaking of instrumental guitar virtuoso’s, Dyssidia will be supporting Plini once again at Fowlers Live on the 9th of September. Fresh off massive tours in Europe & North America with Animals as Leaders & Intervals, Plini and his band have brought Intervals (US) along for the ride this time.


Then, the day after on the 10th of September I will be playing with my old band Double Dragon at the New Dead Festival along with King Parrot, Ruins, Disentomb, Truth Corroded and many more. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of ‘Scars of Fire’, we will be playing the EP in full along with a couple of other DD classics. It’s sure to be a huge day as the New Dead Festival has grown to be one of the biggest heavy music festivals in Australia, with many punters from interstate planning to make the trek to Adelaide for the occasion. 

Voros Asian Tour, Dyssidia recording & Be'lakor

This time next week, myself and the rest of the Voros lads will be en route to Taiwan to kick off our first overseas tour! First up we're playing Wake Up Festival in Chiayi City, followed by a headlining show in Taipei. Then it's off to China for 3 shows. 

But before I head off on this tour, I'm recording the third Dyssidia EP at Against the Grain Studio, to be released in late 2016. 

Once we come back from the tour, both Voros & Dyssidia are supporting one of my favourite bands: progressive/melodic death metal legends Be'lakor. This show should be a big one! 

To top things off, I'll be filling in with a couple of high profile Australian acts later in the year, both in Adelaide and interstate. Stay tuned for those announcements. 


It's been quite a long time since I've posted on here; I've been really busy, I swear! Since my last update, Voros released our debut album, played shows in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, as well as shows in our home town of Adelaide playing alongside legends such as At the Gates (Swe) and Psycroptic. We're back in Sydney this weekend for the Under the Southern Cross metal festival featuring some of Australia & New Zealand's finest heavy acts, and rumour has it that we may be doing an Asian tour in the middle of the year....Keep up to date with Voros happenings here. Stream the album here, buy it here.

On the Dyssidia front, we have been playing some pretty big shows since the release of the band's second EP in August. These include supports for Between the Buried and Me, Trivium & Chon from the US, Tesseract from the UK, and Psycroptic, Ne Obliviscaris & Plini from little old Oz. We'll be finally embarking on some interstate shows in the coming months as well as releasing another EP later this year. Below are the posters for the shows we had the pleasure of playing in 2015. 

New Voros album 'Diseased Deity' due for release September 4

After a tumultuous journey dealing with line-up changes, health problems and other difficulties, the new Voros album is finally complete. While the Dyssidia EP was written by the other guys in the band, I had quite a large part in writing all the tracks on the Voros album, even contributing a bunch of guitar riffs to the album, which I'm quite chuffed with! We're super proud of how this album turned out, with elements of death, thrash, prog and groove metal all coming together to create a sound which is hard to define. 

The tracks were recorded and mixed by our partner in crime Andy Kite from Against the Grain Studio and mastered by Chris "Zuess" Harris. Artwork was done by Pahl Hodgson of Beyond Mortal Dreams, one of my favourite Adelaide bands. 

Ahead of the first single and music video which will be out at the end of August, we have released a cover of 'Symbolic' by the legendary band Death, one of the bands greatest influences. It can be downloaded for free here

To launch the album we will be playing the following shows, with more to be announced soon including a Brisbane show in October.

4 September – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
w/ Claim the Throne, Daemon Pyre, Rise of Avernus + more

5 September – Enigma Bar, Adelaide
w/ Beyond Mortal Dreams, Daemon Pyre, Alkira + more

10 October – Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Dreadnaught, Hadal Maw, Malakyte, Decimatus + more

29 October – Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide
w/ At The Gates & Truth Corroded


Dyssidia release 'Children of Aether and Earth'

Last weekend Dyssidia launched our new EP 'Children of Aether and Earth' to a packed out crowd at Jive in Adelaide with support from Orsome Wells from Melbourne, as well as For Millenia and Born of Dust. The EP can be streamed for free and purchased here

Prior to the launch we released a music video for the first track on the EP 'Brittle Star' which can be viewed here. The video was filmed by Becky and Andy from Against the Grain Studio at the iconic Thebarton Theatre. 

Dyssidia will be playing interstate shows in support of the new release in late 2015/early 2016. 

Opeth and Dyssidia!

This week Dyssidia played with the legendary Opeth to a sold out crowd at The Gov! It was an absolute honour to meet and share the stage with our idols, and was certainly a night we will never forget. 

Next week I am heading into Against the Grain Studio to record the drums for Dyssidia's second EP which is 4 tracks spanning about 35 minutes of melodic progressive metal. This will be released in late July with a massive show featuring a couple of big name interstate bands to be announced soon. 

Our next show is with Voyager (WA) and Klone (France) at Jive on the 21st of July. You can order cheaper tickets here.

Here is a live track from the Opeth show, which is from the 1st EP "Quiet Waters". Stay tuned for video footage of new material that we played on the night. 

As well as teaching drum lessons to my regular students which is always rewarding, I have also been doing drum lessons with drummers from various Adelaide metal bands helping them with the heavier areas of their playing such as blast beats and double kicks. This has been very rewarding to see the improvement in my fellow metal band drummers and I implore all drummers who wish to improve in certain areas of their playing to contact me for a cheap drum lesson no matter what age, skill level and style you play. 

I have been teaching drums for about 7 years now and I am always happy to take on new students. Cheers!