James Norbert Ivanyi & Dyssidia Tour wrap up

What a tour! It was hard work playing double sets for each show but well worth it. Couldn't have asked for a better bunch of guys to tour with :) 

Next up, Voros support Arcturus (NOR) in Adelaide on September 13, the Ivanyi band supports Haken (UK) at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on September 30, and Voros plays at the New Dead Festival on October 7 with Napalm Death & Lock Up (US) headlining. 

Crowd photos below: Dyssidia in Adelaide, JNI in Brisbane, Dyssidia in Melbourne, JNI in Sydney. 

I've also included a couple of photos from UK Tech Fest down below. 

Aaaand some drum cam footage from the Dyssidia set in Adelaide for good measure. 


Live drum cam from UK Tech Fest with James Norbert Ivanyi

A few weeks ago, I played at UK Tech Fest with the likes of Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, Northlane, Beyond Creation, Exivious, Panzerballet and many more. It was definitely an amazing experience! Here's some drum cam footage of one of the songs we played - keep watching until the drum solo at the end! 

Stay tuned for more footage from this show on my YouTube channel. I've also been uploading lots of drum videos to my Instagram page which I started a few months ago, so follow me on there: @liamweedall. 

Next up, we play Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne with my band Dyssidia! (see below post for details). 

National Tour with Dyssidia and James Norbert Ivanyi

This'll be fun! I'll be pulling double duty with Dyssidia and James Norbert Ivanyi playing shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in August.. James is releasing his new EP entitled 'Denalavis' on June 1st which is going to blow people's minds! Dyssidia will also be releasing the second video from our latest EP 'Of Delight and Despair'. 

Tickets ▸▸▸ wildthingpresents.com
FB Event ▸▸▸ found.ee/JNI

New drum cover & live drum cam footage with James Norbert Ivanyi

Hi All, I recently uploaded a cover that I've wanted to do for years now by one of my favourite bands Intronaut. In my opinion they display the perfect balance of technicality & emotion as well as heavy sludgy sections and melancholy lighter sections. Danny Walker is also one of those rare drummers that can grind it up with bands like Exhumed and Murder Construct, then also demonstrate a vast facility of jazz/latin/fusion chops when playing progressive metal with Intronaut.

I filmed this with one camera so you know it was done in one take (definitely do not recommend for a 6+ minute prog track!) 

Here's a drum cam of one of the songs from the recent Adelaide show with James Norbert Ivanyi. I'll be uploading more songs to my youtube channel soon. This track features a lot of linear drumming in both a funk and metal setting. There's some cool paradiddle action in here as well. The next time I play with James and his band made up of Liam Horgan and Stephen Taranto, will be in England for UK Tech Fest in July!

UK Tech-Fest with James Norbert Ivanyi

Here's some pretty big news that was announced a few weeks back - I'll be heading to England in July with guitarist James Ivanyi and bass player Liam Horgan to play alongside some of my favourite bands at UK Tech-Fest! We'll be doing some other shows  around UK and possibly even Europe, so stay tuned in the next couple of months. 

This line-up is without a doubt one of the best I have ever seen when it comes to technical and progressive metal bands, and to be the only Australian act on the bill is quite an honour! Some highlights of this line-up for me are The Faceless, Obscura, Beyond Creation, Exivious, The Black dahlia Murder, Panzerballet and Aborted. To say that I can't wait is an understatement!