New drum cover & live drum cam footage with James Norbert Ivanyi

Hi All, I recently uploaded a cover that I've wanted to do for years now by one of my favourite bands Intronaut. In my opinion they display the perfect balance of technicality & emotion as well as heavy sludgy sections and melancholy lighter sections. Danny Walker is also one of those rare drummers that can grind it up with bands like Exhumed and Murder Construct, then also demonstrate a vast facility of jazz/latin/fusion chops when playing progressive metal with Intronaut.

I filmed this with one camera so you know it was done in one take (definitely do not recommend for a 6+ minute prog track!) 

Here's a drum cam of one of the songs from the recent Adelaide show with James Norbert Ivanyi. I'll be uploading more songs to my youtube channel soon. This track features a lot of linear drumming in both a funk and metal setting. There's some cool paradiddle action in here as well. The next time I play with James and his band made up of Liam Horgan and Stephen Taranto, will be in England for UK Tech Fest in July!

Opeth and Dyssidia!

This week Dyssidia played with the legendary Opeth to a sold out crowd at The Gov! It was an absolute honour to meet and share the stage with our idols, and was certainly a night we will never forget. 

Next week I am heading into Against the Grain Studio to record the drums for Dyssidia's second EP which is 4 tracks spanning about 35 minutes of melodic progressive metal. This will be released in late July with a massive show featuring a couple of big name interstate bands to be announced soon. 

Our next show is with Voyager (WA) and Klone (France) at Jive on the 21st of July. You can order cheaper tickets here.

Here is a live track from the Opeth show, which is from the 1st EP "Quiet Waters". Stay tuned for video footage of new material that we played on the night. 

As well as teaching drum lessons to my regular students which is always rewarding, I have also been doing drum lessons with drummers from various Adelaide metal bands helping them with the heavier areas of their playing such as blast beats and double kicks. This has been very rewarding to see the improvement in my fellow metal band drummers and I implore all drummers who wish to improve in certain areas of their playing to contact me for a cheap drum lesson no matter what age, skill level and style you play. 

I have been teaching drums for about 7 years now and I am always happy to take on new students. Cheers!

Update 8/1/14

Greetings everyone!

Since my last update I've been busy playing with various bands, including cover bands Triplescore and the Baker Boys. 

My main band Voros was lucky enough to open for Kataklysm (Canada) and Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (Japan) at Fowlers Live on the 5th of December, with all bands putting on an awesome show! Voros will be launching the physical copy of The Sky Burial EPs this Friday at the Cavern. This starts off a busy January for me in which I will be playing gigs with 4 different original bands, with Beyond the Oblivion heading to Bendigo for a metal festival, and Voros, Jericho's Bird and Obsidian Aspect playing shows in Adelaide. Check out all my upcoming gigs here


In other news, Obsidian Aspect has been announced as the Adelaide support for the Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy) and Septic Flesh (Greece) tour in May. All instruments have now been completed for the next Obsidian Aspect album, with mixing and mastering to take place in the coming months. For now, here is an unmixed track:

In the next few weeks I will be posting a drum cover of a meshuggah song!