Drum Cam footage

Here's some drum cam footage of my set with Obsidian Aspect when we supported Septic Flesh (Greece) and Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy) last week. (Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous those band names are!) 

In less than two weeks time, my main band Voros will be playing the New Dead Festival with some of the biggest names in Australian metal. Details here. This will also be Josh and Cam's last show with us. Replacing them is Matt Disisto on guitar, from the now defunct band Beyond the Oblivion, which I also played in, as well as James Read on bass, from the also defunct band New Paradigm. Both guys bring a very high level of skill into the band and we have already written 5-6 new songs. Stay tuned for the details of their first show with Voros.