I'm pleased announce that I'm now endorsing Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware and Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals!! I've been playing Gretsch/Gibraltar for the past 12 years and have upgraded from the Catalina line which served me so well to the awesome Renown Maple kit! Damn, this kit sounds good! My new cymbals are sounding beautiful as well, displaying some great versatility for the many genres of music that I play. 

I'm honoured to be part of the same drumming family as greats like Tony Williams, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Morgan Agren, Stanton Moore and Mark Schulman. 

I'm also excited to be playing the same brand of cymbals as drummers such as Horacio Hernandez, Carmine and Vinny Appice, as well as my fellow Aussie metal drummers Jake Sproule and Lee Stanton. 

Check out pics of my new drums and cymbals below: 


Not pictured is my 8 inch tom, which I may just use in the studio. I've had three rack toms for a long time so I'm probably going to see how I go with just two rack toms for the near future at least for live situations. Also not pictured is my cymbal stack, which I still need to figure out. 

I'll be filming some high quality drum videos towards the end of the year with the kit fully mic'd up, so stay tuned! Most of these will be tutorial videos where I'll be going through some concepts which I have found to really helpful in my playing. 


A big thanks to Simon at Pro Music Australia, Con at Derringers Drum Shop and Christian at Dynamic Music for getting me on board with some fantastic companies!