Los Cabos Drumsticks Endorsement, Shows with Alarum + more

Some very exciting news to announce - I am now endorsing Los Cabos drumsticks! I'm stoked to be joining a whole bunch of amazing drummers on their artist roster, including one of my favourite drummers Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth), plus some of the best drummers in Australian metal such as Dave Haley, Rob Brens, Henri Sison and Jake Sproule. Los Cabos are a Canadian company that pride themselves on producing the best quality sticks. I'm currently using their 5a wood tip hickory sticks which have a great weight and feel; a bit thicker than a standard 5a. Check them out here


In other news, I recently played shows at festivals in Bendigo and Adelaide with one of my favourite bands Alarum from Melbourne! I consider Alarum to be the most influential Australian progressive metal band, having been around since the mid 90's, and I've been a big fan of these guys for the past decade so I was pretty excited to get this opportunity. They are one of the few bands known for integrating jazz fusion into thrash/death metal, which is right up my alley! Here's some footage from the Adelaide show on the 4th of Feb. Mind the guitar tone at the start!


Some big shows coming up up with my bands Dyssidia & Voros as well as an Adelaide show with James Norbert Ivanyi. The posters aren't uploading for some reason (apart from the one below) so I'll just list them here:

Feb 25: Voros at Enigma Bar in Adelaide for the Hadal Maw album launch

March 6: Dyssidia at The Workers Club in Melbourne supporting Fallujah (US)

March 24: James Norbert Ivanyi at Enigma Bar in Adelaide with I Built the Sky (Melb)

April 7: Voros at The Tote in Melbourne with the Hazard Circular and more

April 13: Voros at Enigma Bar in Adelaide with Claim the Throne and more

April 15: Voros at Blacken Open Air Festival in Alice Springs (!)

More to be announced soon.