Tutorial Videos: Broken 16ths (Linear Drumming Fundamentals)

I'm relieved to finally release my video tutorials on broken 16th note rhythms/linear drumming available here!

The below YouTube video is the introduction to the series on playing and counting broken 16th note rhythms and creating linear patterns by adding kick drum. You can download the accompanying PDF for free from the link above.

All of the follow-up videos deal with applying these rhythms around the kit and combining the rhythms with each other. 

This tutorial series is aimed at intermediate drummers or even advanced drummers that want to improve when it comes to reading and counting rhythms.

Please note, you should also be able to play these rhythms with alternating sticking, but the idea behind using the stickings demonstrated in this video is that eventually you should be able to read the different rhythms and automatically know which sticking to play so that you always end up with your right hand on the beat (or left if you are left handed).

Feel free to leave me any feedback and thanks for the support!