Footage from ALARUM & IVANYI shows + Fill in gig with HADAL MAW (Melb)

I’ve been extremely slack about posting updates this past year, but here’s a quick update of what’s been going on. The Alarum tour with Obscura back in late March was awesome - so cool to see Obscura and Sebastian Lanser (drums) show everyone what it truly means to be at the top of the tech-death game. Here’s some footage from the Sydney show at the Factory Theatre. There’s a bit of a drum solo at 1:47 if you want to skip to that bit!

The next few months following the Alarum shows were pretty quiet on the gig front, although Voros supported Phil Anselmo in March and played at the massive HEAVY SA Fest in April which were both great shows. I also kept busy by doing a few fill-in gigs with local reggae/alt rock band Attonbitus.

I was on Channel 7 recently as the James Norbert Ivanyi band was featured on the ‘Guitar Gods and Masterpieces’ show on 7Plus. This pro-shot footage was from the Melbourne PROGFEST show back in late January:

The IVANYI band just played the Melbourne Guitar Show last weekend which was a fun gig to play. The full set was posted on the Melbourne Guitar Show facebook page. We finished our set at 3pm on Saturday, then I went straight to the airport to play a headlining set with my band Dyssidia back in Adelaide! That was a big day.

The Dyssidia album is getting sent off to be mixed this week by renowned German engineer V. Santura (Obscura, Panzerballet) so stay tuned for more news on that shortly!

In other news, I will be filling in for Rob Brens in one of my favourite bands HADAL MAW at a new venue in Melbourne called the Geddes Lane Ballroom on the 13th of September. Rob actually played in Alarum and Ivanyi before me funnily enough! It’s been incredibly challenging learning the Hadal Maw set but it’s certainly been rewarding! Dyssidia will also be playing this show so it’s going to be another big day/night!



I’m super excited to be playing drums with Alarum as the main tour support for one of my favourite bands Obscura at the end of March! Sebastian Lanser from Obscura would have to be my favourite drummers at the moment, being one of those rare drummers that has a strong command over the skills required for both technical death metal and jazz fusion, and everything in between. The number of odd note groupings (5, 7 etc) on their latest album and the frequency of which they change is just mind boggling!

We’ll be playing a bunch of songs from the new Alarum album due out in a few months, as well as some songs from previous albums. It’ll be a nice mix of heavy stuff and jazzier stuff which should work nicely with Obscura!


Progfest 2019 + Dyssidia & Voros live footage

Hi All,

Some big shows to start the new year with Ivanyi playing on all 3 Progfest shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. There’s 3 international headliners this year with The Ocean, Monuments and Skyharbor all making the journey to Aus for these shows.


I managed to (just) successfully record the drum tracks for the Dyssidia album in late October - check out our Facebook page for some footage. More studio videos to come in the new year.

Here’s some footage from our show in Melbourne a few weeks ago (more footage also on our Facebook page):

And some drum cam from the Voros set at our EP Launch show in October:

New Voros EP + recording for new Dyssidia album

I’ve been pretty slack with posting on here lately, but I assure you, I’ve been busy! My band Voros released our new EP entitled ‘Malignancy’ on October 10 and celebrated with a launch show in Adelaide with Alarum as well as a few of our favourite local bands. I pulled double duties with Voros and Alarum which was challenging and tiring! I also played a metal festival with Alarum in Melbourne last month, then flew to Sydney the next day to play with Ivanyi in support of Intervals and Polyphia. That was a big weekend!

The new Voros EP is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc. and is available to purchase on our bandcamp page. We’ve got one more show for the year on December 1st in Adelaide with NOTHING from Melbourne. We’ll be taking the new EP on the road early next year as well.

Live at the Malignancy Launch Show 13/10/18

In other news, Dyssidia have been working hard prepping the tracks for our upcoming full length album which is 10 tracks and about 70 minutes of very challenging progressive metal! In fact, I’ll be at Against the Grain studio this weekend to record the tracks over 2 days. This is definitely going to be the most ambitious recording project that I’ve ever done, so I’m both excited and nervous to get in there and deliver the best performance I can. Stay tuned for studio vids!

Tutorial Videos: Broken 16ths (Linear Drumming Fundamentals)

I'm relieved to finally release my video tutorials on broken 16th note rhythms/linear drumming available here!

The below YouTube video is the introduction to the series on playing and counting broken 16th note rhythms and creating linear patterns by adding kick drum. You can download the accompanying PDF for free from the link above.

All of the follow-up videos deal with applying these rhythms around the kit and combining the rhythms with each other. 

This tutorial series is aimed at intermediate drummers or even advanced drummers that want to improve when it comes to reading and counting rhythms.

Please note, you should also be able to play these rhythms with alternating sticking, but the idea behind using the stickings demonstrated in this video is that eventually you should be able to read the different rhythms and automatically know which sticking to play so that you always end up with your right hand on the beat (or left if you are left handed).

Feel free to leave me any feedback and thanks for the support!