Hey everyone,

Welcome to my new website! I’m pleased to announce that the songs for my instrumental tech/prog metal recording project ‘Weedall/Berryman’ are complete and available here for free download.

The tracks feature Mark Palfreyman on bass from one of my favourite bands Alarum. Check them out here. I was super stoked to have him contribute his parts to the songs and I’m really happy with how the songs turned out after waiting nearly two years since recording the drums!

My new band Voros (featuring Davin and Josh from Double Dragon and A Red Dawn) released The Sky Burial EP’s: Part 1 in February and we played our first show on the 12th of April which was loads of fun. We have videos from the gig on our youtube channel

We have several other Adelaide shows lined up over the next few months and we will be releasing The Sky Burial EP’s: Part 2 in late June.

Download the Voros songs for free here 

Check out my drum videos here

Stay tuned for more updates


Weedall berryman.jpg