Update 26/08/13

Hi all, 

Thought I'd write about the happenings of some of the bands that I am involved with.

Firstly, Beyond the Oblivion will be launching their EP/album on September 14 at the Cavern. My other metal band Voros are also on the line-up for that show, so safe to say I'll be pretty buggered by the end of it! Check the 'gigs' tab for the details of that show. I recorded the drums for this release back in April last year so its great to finally hear the mixes come to life. Check out the lyric video for the title track "Shades of Grey" here:

Speaking of Voros, we have just been announced as the support act for Canada's Kataklysm when they play in Adelaide on the 5th of December. This is our first international support slot so we are stoked to say the least! We released Part II of the Sky Burial EP's a couple of months ago with Part III to be released online in early November. This will be followed by a physical release of the all six tracks later in the year. 


Now onto Adelaide death metal band Obsidian Aspect. I just recorded session drums for 6 of their tracks at Against the Grain Studio and I will be recording the remaining 5 songs for their album in about a month or so. This was without a doubt the most challenging recording session I have ever done with some definite PB's in terms of speed. I think the fastest parts were 16ths at 260 bpm which is a massive step up for me. Sure I had to record the really fast parts a couple of bars at a time, but its still me playing it! haha


In a couple of weeks time, I will be playing session drums for the new One Step Beyond album, once again to be recorded at Against the Grain with good ol' Andy Kite whom I've recorded pretty much everything with. OSB has always played with a drum machine just like Obsidian Aspect, so it has been interesting and challenging trying to replicate as well as expand on the programmed drum parts. 


Finally, my rock band Jericho's Bird will be releasing some new songs some time soon as well. Keep an eye out for details regarding that one. Also, I should add that I am available to take on new students for drum lessons in Adelaide. That's right, I am a drum teacher in Adelaide and I teach drum lessons. A bit of cheeky search engine optimization for ya hehehe lets hope google picks that up!

Thanks for reading!